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The mission of the Inspired Vision Academy Secondary school counseling program is to provide support and guidance to all scholars by assisting them through their development in the areas of academic success, social/emotional learning, college, career, military, and work preparation.


News from the Counselors

Join the appropriate Counselor's Google Classroom for information about careers, college prep, scholarships, and lots of other important news!

Enroll yourself using the codes below.

Class of Grade Class Code
2023 12 qz4xnav
2024 11 4tgw6ln
2025 10 asues26
2026 9 vqm2ene
2027 8 oic52y3


Request an Appointment with a Counselor 

Click here if your last name begins with the letter A-L to request an appointment with Ms. Hider

Click here if your last name begins with the letter M-Z to request an appointment with Ms. Cason


Request a Schedule Change 

The finalization of course choices during the registration process is a contract to pursue the chosen courses to completion. Schedule changes have a serious effect on class size, teacher assignments, and the overall master schedule. Student’s schedules may not include all classes on the first-choice list but may have to include second (alternate) schedule choices due to scheduling issues. Before any schedule can be changed, a graduation credit review will be conducted before a class is dropped. Requests for classes that are at capacity will not be honored. The student’s counselor and administrator will review all requests. Students may be allowed to drop a course without penalty by the 3rd day of each semester.  After that date, any course dropped will result in a grade of “W” (withdrawal) and this grade will be documented on the official transcript.

To complete a schedule change request form, click on the link below based on the first letter of your last name.

Ms. Hider (Last Names A-L)

Ms. Cason (Last Names M-Z)

Deadlines to request schedule changes for each semester

Fall 2022: August 19

Spring 2023: January 12


Any requests to change a schedule after 8/11/22 must meet one of the following criteria:

1. A summer course has been passed.

2. A course must be repeated due to a semester failing grade.

3. Sequence of courses is out of order.

4. Course assigned is at the wrong level.

5. Incomplete schedule.

6. Schedule does not match an Individual Education Plan (IEP).

7. Schedule does not meet graduation requirements.