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Chromebook Usage


How to Log In

Username is your school gmail address. Student emails are:
If you don't have a middle name, then your email address is:
If you have a double last name that is separated by a space, the space will be removed.
If there is an apostrophe in your name, do not include it in your email address.
Password is IV followed by your student ID number. You must include the leading zero.
Your school ID number should be treated like a credit card number.
Do not share it with anyone other than school officials!
Example: IV012345
If you have trouble, ask your Instructional Technology Specialist for assistance.

Now What?

The Chromebook is a Google product and therefore utilizes Google apps. There are about 24 Google apps for education available to you (for free) on your new Google account. This account can be used on any computer with internet access. While Google apps integrate with Microsoft products, you are encouraged to use Google exclusively. The most common Google apps mirror Microsoft products and are as follows:

Google Docs (Word)

Google Slides (Powerpoint)

Google Sheets (Excel)

And don’t even look for the “save” button in Google apps because it saves everything automatically!

Other apps that will probably become favorites are:

Google Drive: helps you keep everything organized and all your documents close at hand

Google Meet: enables audio and/or video connections for collaboration

Google Keep: a note taking service

Google Sites: gives you the power to create your own websites

Chromebook Care

Click here to view a video about how to care for Chromebooks