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My vision for our students is to S.O.A.R, Stop and Listen, Open the door to positive possibilities, Act responsibly, and Respect others. I will ask your child what this looks like? What does it mean to them? How can they apply it to interacting with their teachers and fellow classmates?

Encourage Respect

Teaching your teen to be respectful at home can make them more considerate and improve their relationships with friends, teachers, and employers. Try these ways to promote respect:

  • Address the behavior. When your child sighs, stomps off, or talks back, it may seem easier to overlook it than to discuss it. But letting them get away with it won’t help them or you in the long run. Take the time to talk about their behavior and to set consequences.
  • Offer strategies. Discuss appropriate ways for them to handle situations where they tend to be disrespectful. For instance, if they ask for your input and then roll their eyes at your suggestions, spell out what they could do instead (“Try saying, “Thanks, but I’m not sure that will work because…..”). Or agree on a look or gesture that quickly communicates to them, “Think of another way to react!”
  • Respond respectfully. Demonstrate respect with how you react to their behavior. If you are in public, you might pull them aside to keep the matter private. Let them know what they did wrong. Then explain what will happen if their rudeness continues (your shopping trip is over and they won’t get the new shoes they wanted). Teach them to S.O.A.R

Attendance Matters

Teens who attend school regularly are more likely to graduate. Good attendance also creates a habit that can carry over into work later. Consider these tips.

  • Set Expectations. Being out for even a day or two a month means losing valuable learning time. Tell your child that the only acceptable excuses are illness, family emergencies, or pre-approved college visits.
  • Discuss Results. Point out that missing school means they will have to make up coursework. If they fall far behind, they may have to retake courses.


We will not investigate money, lost cell phones, air pods, computers, or any other valuables. If you allow your child to bring valuables to school, it is at your own risk. The best policy is to leave valuables at home.

Important Dates

October 28th: PTSO

October 30th : Financial Aid Night

November 2nd:  STAAR Camp

November 3rd: Daylight savings…set clocks back one hour

November 7th: Reports sent home

November 18th: PTSO

November 18-22: Benchmark testing

Shout Out

To Girls Volleyball for making the playoffs

To the Football team for winning the Homecoming game. Travis Anderson is the MVP.

Mr. Claridy